Feliz dia do Motociclista!

Hoje, dia 27 de julho, é Dia do Motociclista. Uma data para celebrar, relembrar e refletir, afinal, sobre uma motocicleta, além dos …

rio_scooter__DSC3646 - scooters na pista

Scooters na pista!

Cool Moto, Happy Moto and Leblon Scooter  vão colocar os scooters na pista! Será 1º scooter turismo RJ com destino a cidade …


Our Scooters

Our scooters. We use Bee, Shinerai, Honda and Suzuki scooters for rent and for our tours. As you will see, they are …

rio_scooter_mesa do imperador

Mesa do Imperador on Scooter

Just one of the few great places to visit as part of our Special Tour. Since 1856 the Botanical Garden was connected …


Are you a moto comuter?

Are you a moto-commuter, a fair weather rider, or a tourer? Whichever of these you are at home, here in Rio de …